Diversity Workbook Intervention - Darlington Youth Offending Service (2016)


Darlington youth offending service have shared an intevention session aimed at children to address discriminatory attitudes, specifically racism. 




Darlington youth offending service have shared their intervention sessionprintable materials and tutor notes  aimed at addressing discriminatory attitudes, specifically racism, through a mixture of education and cognitive behavioural style exercises. The duration of the programme can be between 5 to 8 sessions lasting 30 minutes each and can either be run as a group or a 1:1 session.  The intervention sessions are made so that it does not need to be completed in full, but rather exercises can be selected depending on their relevance and appropriateness for the child.


Training is not required for the delivery of this pack.  The facilitator would benefit from experience in motivational interviewing to ensure that the materials elicit meaningful information in a positive manner. 




Youth justice service Darlington youth offending service 
Name: Michael Barr 
Email  michael.barr@darlington.gov.uk