Accomodation: Moving On Project - Northumberland YOS

Age: 16-21
Sex: n/a
Cost: n/a




  •  The project aims to offer co-ordinated accommodation, support and opportunities for young people.




The Moving On project provides single occupancy accommodation for young people aged 16-21. The accommodation is provided for anything between 3 months and 2 years and is open to young offenders, care leavers, substance misuse users and vulnerable adolescents. The project now has 11 properties and our accommodation team provides daily support to all the young people. The Project provides a safe and secure place to live. Northumberland Youth Offending Service is part of Targeted Adolescent Services (TAS) which provides a management structure for services working with vulnerable adolescents. Other services within TAS include 16+, SORTED (substance misuse team) positive futures, ETE, health and accommodation teams. The Moving On project provides a case management model and this ensures young people receive ‘wrap around’ support for TAS to address various issues in their lives.

The supporting materials included provide an overview of factors to consider if you would like to develop a similar project. This has a focus on devising a project using rented accommodation. The costing’s only meant as an initial guide for others.

The resource also includes ‘an example of an ‘occupancy agreement’ which would enable an organisation to manage young people in a project and an example of a ‘management agreement’ which would enable an organisation to pursue rented properties. These examples are not definitive documents. They are suitable for Northumberland County Council circumstances but may not be for others. They are documents on the basis of a light touch approach to the relationships between the landlord and the council and the council and the occupant. They have not been tested yet by a court or indeed by another lawyer. They are however a starting point for others considering what they may need to successfully implement a similar project.


YOT: Northumberland Youth Offending Service
Name: John Lathaen
Telephone: 01670 852225