County Lines Information Sharing Template - Islington YOS (2016)

Summary: Template used by Islington YOS for sharing information and data concerning county lines between YOS, Police, Children Social Care and other key organisations
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  • To support the Service to have a better understanding of some of the young people attending the YOS, TYS and other services
  • To enable practitioners to work in a targeted manner with young people
  • Strategically for senior management to consider further partnerships, information sharing procedures.




Islington YOS have completed an analysis of the young people that are involved (either through being exploited or in a criminal capacity) in Country Lines. The purpose is to support the joint work of the YOS, Police, Children Social Care and other key organisations in working together to support the work being undertaken with those young people and the young people themselves. Currently Islington YOS are involved MOPAC’s forthcoming summit on County Lines which will hopefully further shape the thinking around this piece of work.



Implementing the practice:

  • Islington YOS gather the information from cross comparison of the YOS, Police, Community Safety and Targeted Youth Support service data
  • The information is analysed by the Integrated Gangs Team and shared to inform practice.
  • Once all the information is collected the attached template is used to show case the data and information to YOS staff, as well as Targeted Youth Support, IGT and Community Safety, the YOS and other services will use this data to inform assessments and interventions with young people.
  • Consideration will also be given to whether the young person is being exploited under the Modern Slavery legislation definition, and therefore prosecution should be lifted.