Employment Opportunity - The Skill Mill (June 2019)

Summary: The Skill Mill is a Social Enterprise that provides paid jobs and training to children from Youth Offending Teams.
Age: 16 -18
Sex: n/a
Cost: yes




  • Support those children that have been assessed as elevated risk to desist from further offending
  • Support those children to gain employability skills in order to support successful transition into the labour market




Skill Mill is a not for profit social enterprise, that supports children into temporary paid employment opportunities (for six months) to encourage and as part of a whole child approach through breaking the cycle of engagement in pro-criminal actions. The children are provided an opportunity, through Skill Mill to contribute to their local community and start making positive changes to their identity.


The children are supported to participate in horticultural and land maintenance projects and receive formal training, job search support and an employment reference to improve their self-esteem, confidence and career prospects

The Skill Mill is a Social Enterprise established by Newcastle Youth Offending Team during 2013 and launched February 2014. The programme is being replicated across England in the following YOTS: Newcastle, Leeds, Liverpool, Durham and Scarborough.


Implementing the Practice:

  • The start-up costs are approximately £50,000, this reduces (pro-rata) as paid contracts are secured.
  • This programme is only available to children that are required to attend the YOT




YOT: Newcastle Youth Offending Team
Name: David Parks
Email: david.parks@newcastle.gov.uk
Source Organisation: Skill Mill
Email: info@theskillmill.org