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AssetPlus Referral Order Report and Contract Templates - Devon Youth Offending Team

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  • Align Referral Panel procedures with Assetplus information and planning

  • Ensure that panel members are given sufficient and concise information to agree a contract which is aligned with the My Intervention Plan




The report template uses AssetPlus framework references to capture information and analysis and present it to panel members, in a way that is easy to populate from AssetPlus using copy/paste. The provision of Key Areas of Intervention enables the panel and family to easily identify the priorities to be discussed and agreed in the contract. Care should be taken that these key areas of intervention are a list of ‘issues’ not a list of ‘solutions’ in order to avoid leading the panel. 


The contract document is designed to be easily understood by the service-user and carers, and to be compatible with inputting back into an AssetPlus ‘My Intervention Plan’.  




YOT: Devon Youth Offending Team
Name: Matt Wilcox


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