Sexually Harmful Behaviour Referral Order Panels - Bristol YOT (2018)

Summary: Community Panel Member training and Panels with children who have committed sexual harmful behaviour type offences as practiced in Bristol Youth Offending Team.
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  • Support Community Panel Members
  • Ensure high quality of work from Community Panel Members




In order to ensure that children that have committed sexual harmful behaviour type offences are supported appropriately through the Referral Order process, the Restorative Justice Co-ordinator offers all those CPM with at least one year experience the opportunity to complete specific training.

Those CPM receive specialist training from Bristol YOT in partnership with Be Safe. Be Safe is a multi-agency partnership service working with children and young people with problematic/harmful sexual behaviour in Bristol. Be Safe offers holistic assessment and therapeutic intervention services informed by strength based, systemic, cognitive behavioural therapy, resolutions, relapse prevention and attachment based approaches.

The Restorative Justice Co-ordinator, is also able to offer emotional support; including phone calls, emails, one to ones, home visits if CPM have had distressing panel meeting.

Please note that the Bristol YOT and Be Safe training is currently undergoing a review and we are unable to share the outline/content.



Implementing the Practice:

  • Invitation to train to deliver panels where there has been SHB is open to all CPM that have completed at least one year and are experienced.
  • All children that have committed an offence SHB offence, will be required to undergo an AIM assessment and will be required to complete GMAP intervention programme



Youth Offending Team: Bristol Youth Offending Team
Name: Rachel Davies