Referral Order Contract - Bristol YOT (2018)

Summary: Example of a Referral Order Contract from Bristol Youth Offending Team.
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  • Ensure that children and their parents/carers are able to access the contract



Attached is a copy of the updated contract that Bristol YOT have created. During the panel the contract is created with the child and written up using the child’s words.



Implementing the Practice:

  • The contract is written up at the time of the panel and signed
  • The children and their parents/carers receive a copy
  • The CPM also receive a copy (which is kept on site)
  • The number of sessions/hours is not agreed for interventions, due to the complex needs of children, to ensure that they are provided an opportunity to succeed
  • The number of hours is agreed for the reparation programme



Youth Offending Team: Bristol Youth Offending Team
Name: Rachel Davies
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