‘Less is More’ Approach to Assessments – St Helens YOT

Summary: St Helens YOT have created a workshop to support case manager with improving ‘Information Gathering’ section of AssetPlus.
Age: 10-17
Sex: n/a
Cost: none




  • Support case managers with completing the ‘Information Gathering’ section on AssetPlus in a way that is concise and relevant but also timely




The workshop training pack ‘Using a ‘Less is More’ Approach to Assessments’ attached below has been delivered both in Camden and St Helens Youth Offending Teams to support professional development of the team.

The workshop supports case managers to consider a ‘less is more’ approach to ‘Information Gathering’ in a way that is timely, whilst also maintaining quality assessments.

The approach was delivered via a series of sector-led workshops by St Helens YOT throughout 2019 across England and Wales. In order to support continued learning and aid collaborative working amongst YOTs, there is an attendance list attached.


Implementing the practice:

  • The workshop has been delivered by one of the managers in the team
  • The session can be run either in a short session or during a team meeting
  • The session has been used as a ‘top up’ session following AssettPlus original training and implementation




YOT: St Helens Youth Offending Team
Name: Lee Matthews
Email: LeeMatthews@sthelens.gov.uk