Volunteer Recruitment and Reward - Stoke YOT

Summary: Stoke YOT volunteer recruitment and reward process.
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  • Increase recruitment and retention of Community Panel Member volunteers



Stoke YOT have created a leaflet (attached) that is used in the recruitment of new volunteers. The leaflet is advertised via Stoke website, twitter and Facebook and also handed out during leaflet drop reparation sessions around the city. Furthermore, at the pre-panel meeting, which includes a panel member, parent/carer and the child along with the Referral Order Coordinator, where the role of the panel members is discussed, a leaflet is also available to parents and carers explaining the recruitment of volunteers

This has meant that Stoke YOT have been able to recruit their volunteers from a variety of circumstances and experiences including family members of children that have had previous contact with the YOT as well as a reverend who the YOT had contact with through one of their reparation programmes.

Volunteers must complete Panel Matters training, following which they are expected to attend five initial panels, after which they are presented with a certificate of attendance. Once the volunteers have completed the training and five panels, they are then able to access further City council training. Furthermore, volunteers are invited to attend and participate in the YOTs ‘service developments days’, which take place quarterly.

In order to support the volunteers, increase motivation and build positive relationships, Stoke YOT have implemented the following:

  • Panel forums, which are run by the Referral Order Coordinator three times a year.
  • Regular one to one supervision with each volunteer (template attached).
  • Referral Order Coordinator sends out birthday and Christmas cards (where applicable and appropriate) to the volunteers.
  • Regular newsletter is emailed to the volunteers that includes information concerning service performance such as number of referralorders successfully completed and any early revocations.
  • Stoke YOT arranges and pays for an annual meal for the volunteers as a way to thank them for their work and contribution.



Contact Details:

Youth Offending Team: Stoke YOT
Name: Debbie Morrey
Email: Debbie.Morrey@Stoke.gov.uk