Volunteer Policy – Leicester City Children and Young People Justice Service (2020)

Summary:  Attached is the volunteer policy created by Leicester City YJS to support working effectively with volunteers.
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  • Ensure clear and consistent process for all working with volunteers



The attached PDF attachment is the volunteer policy that Leicester City Youth Justice Service have created in order to provide overall cohesion to the various policies and procedures that affect volunteering, for example recruitment, expenses, health and safety etc. The policy also helps to define the role of volunteers and how they can expect to be treated.



Implementing the practice:

  • A copy of the volunteer policy is provided to all volunteers as part of their induction process.
  • The policy is reviewed on a yearly basis and when changes occur.




Youth offending team: Leicester City Children and Young People Justice Service 
Name: Parisha Pujara
Email: parisha.pujara@leicester.gov.uk
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