Proposed Contract for Pre-Sentence Referral Orders - Tameside Youth Justice Service (November 2020)

Summary: A template contract for pre-sentence Referral Orders used by Tameside Youth Justice Service.




  • Ensure consistency for all the children eligible for a Referral Order or Custody option.
  • Provide a realistic proposal for the Court to impose a Referral Order rather than a custodial sentence.




Tameside Youth Justice Service have provided the template they use when proposing an Intensive Referral Order for those children who are eligible for a Referral Order or Custody option.  The panel sits with the child and the parents/carers and agrees a draft Intensive Referral Order contract.



Implementing the practice:

  • The panel sits prior to Court and together with the child and parents/carers agree the contract details. 
  • Following the child receiving a Referral Order, the panel meets again and review and sign the contract.



Youth Justice Service: Tameside Youth Justice Service
Name: Amanda Smith