Recruiting Volunteers (code of conduct, health, safety and wellbeing and DBS risk assessment) – Wilshire YOS (January 2021)

Summary: Attached are three key documents created and used by Wilshire YOS for volunteer recruitment including; volunteer code of conduct, health, safety and wellbeing and positive DBS disclosures risk assessment.
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  • To provide recommendations for good practice for people who are involved in recruiting volunteers



Attached below are three key documents produced by Wiltshire Youth Offending Service to support recruitment of volunteers.

  • Volunteer code of conduct (this attachments sets out minimum standards of behaviour, provides guidelines to help maintain and improve standards).
  • Volunteer health, safety and wellbeing (to give volunteers a framework for minimising risk and protecting themselves and others. There is also a section concerning COVID-19).
  • DBS risk assessment (this document is concerned with volunteers that have a positive disclosure in regards to previous offending).



Implementing the practice:

  • Wiltshire Youth Offending Service provide copies of the volunteer code of conduct and the volunteer health, safety and wellbeing documents to all volunteers.
  • The documents are reviewed regularly or when there is a change in legislation.
  • The practice is embedded into volunteer recruitment procedures.




Youth offending team: Wiltshire Youth Offending Service
Name: Sue Nash