Completed study from the Youth Justice Research Map - Findings Report for WSA Implementation group: A case study of the implementation of the Whole System Approach

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The Whole-System Approach (WSA) is an evidence-informed youth justice strategy for children and young people who offend introduced nationally in Scotland in 2011, following a year-long pilot of the approach in Aberdeen. This research aimed to examine the implementation and operation of the WSA in one Scottish local authority area and specifically the use of two principal strands of the WSA: Early and Effective Intervention (EEI) and Diversion from Prosecution. The specific research questions addressed were:

  1. What are practitioners’ and policy actors’ operational understandings of the WSA in practice?
  2. How have the EEI and Diversion from Prosecution decision-making processes been implemented in front-line practice?
  3. What factors have impacted on the sustainability and implementation of the WSA?
  4. How do actors involved in the multi-agency EEI and Diversion from Prosecution processes make decisions and what factors influence these decisions?
  5. How have the EEI and Diversion from Prosecution impacted on the use of restorative justice?
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