Youth Justice Skills Audit – Youth Justice Institute (January 2021)

Summary This skills audit tool has been designed to help youth justice practitioners to reflect on their practice, in particular to identify potential gaps in their knowledge, behaviours and skills and thereby to gain access to more targeted training.


Youth justice practitioners come from a wide range of backgrounds and will have varying levels of knowledge in relation to the work they do. It stands to reason, therefore, that individuals will have different training needs.This skills audit tool is based on the knowledge and skills identified in the Youth Justice Skills Matrix (YJSM). As such it is divided into the eight areas the Skills Matrix covers:

  •  Child and adolescent development
  •  Engagement and communication
  •  Assessment
  •  Effective practice
  •  Multi-agency working
  •  Risk of reoffending and risk of harm
  •  Transitions
  •  Safeguarding

The Youth Justice Institute have published an interactive version of the audit.