Enhanced Case Management Evaluation (Phase one) (April 2023)


This research was commissioned by the YJB and carried out by Opinion Research Services. The Enhanced Case Management (ECM) approach is a trauma-informed, psychology-led approach to working with children in youth justice services.


Phase 1 of the evaluation combined interviews with YJS staff and with children who were being supported by ECM with a review of YJS-held data and some case formulation and review meeting observations.

Interviewees strongly supported continuing ECM and rolling it out further in future due to its perceived impact on improving children’s outcomes and opportunities. To achieve this, consistent psychologist input and permanent contracts for the psychologist and senior practitioners were said to be essential, together with dedicated sustainable funding to guarantee staff training, administrative support, and the monitoring and evaluation of ECM. ECM could be more effective in future by integrating the case formulation and review meetings into YJS’s existing practice fully, interviewees felt, rather than running parallel to it. They felt that consideration should also be given to how ECM can support transitions in and out of custody, and to how children and families can feed into ECM. Consistent senior level buy-in and support is also perceived to be needed to roll out ECM in future. A full suite of conclusions and recommendations are located at the end of this report.