Standards for Children in the Justice System

These standards define the minimum expectation for all agencies that provide statutory services to ensure good outcomes for children in the youth justice system. These standards replace National Standards for Youth Justice Services (2013).

Oversight Framework

The oversight, assurance and compliance framework that is used to monitor the performance of youth justice services. This framework explains how the Youth Justice Board’s (YJB) monitoring function is fulfilled. It outlines how oversight of local youth justice services (YJSs) is undertaken and delivery across the wider system is understood. The framework reinforces putting children within the system at the heart of what we do and achieving better outcomes for them, communities and victims.

Case Management Guidance

Case Management Guidance for youth justice service practitioners and managers. The national standards for children in the youth justice system accompany this guidance and are intended to guide both strategic and operational services’ understanding of what is expected at each stage of a child’s journey through the justice system. This guidance details how these standards should be put into practice. It includes current research and evidence and the Child First guiding principle runs throughout it.

Youth Justice Plans

Local authority partnerships have a statutory duty to submit a youth justice plan relating to their provision of youth justice services (YJSs). Section 40 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 sets out the youth justice partnership’s responsibilities in producing a plan. It states that it is the duty of each local authority, in consultation with the partner agencies, to formulate and implement an annual youth justice plan, setting out how YJSs in their area are to be provided and funded, how they will operate, and what functions will be carried out.

Data Recording Requirements

The requirements provide details around mandatory case level and summary level data collection, what is collected and how data is submitted to the Youth Justice Board for England and Wales (YJB).

Serious Incident Notification

In 2021, the YJB reviewed how intelligence against serious incidents occurring in the community was gathered as part of its statutory responsibility for oversight. This highlighted that without a notification process of serious incidents in the community the YJB has limited oversight of these serious events. This limits the effectiveness of timely and appropriate responses both locally and nationally, the deployment of practical support and, when required, ministerial liaison. It also limits collation of national data where a fuller picture of performance, trends, themes, and lessons learnt could be extracted. In June 2021, the YJB introduced a voluntary serious incident notification process..