This section contains content related to workforce development for staff and volunteers that work in youth justice.  It contains training sessions created by youth justice services and access to free resources, training and guidance from the Youth Justice Board.

How to evaluate practice

Information, documentation and other web-based resources that youth justice services may find helpful when considering in-house evaluations or measuring the impact of a programme’


The Developing Practice Basecamp group is a virtual space exclusive to youth justice services staff across England and Wales.

DP fora and Hwb Doeth

To support, engage and disseminate knowledge, information and evidence to and from youth offending teams and relevant youth justice partners there are two core forums that this is carried out in.

Training & Workforce Development Resources

This section contains a range of training resources related to youth justice from partners and youth justice services that are free to access that support staff and volunteer development.

Youth Justice Practitioner Portal

The youth justice practitioner portal is a members only area for those that work and volunteer in the youth justice system. It provides access to training materials, AssetPlus materials and guidance that cannot be shared more widely.