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Participation in Practice and Co-creation Project – Peer Power Project (July 2021)


Attached are a variety of materials created by Peer Power to support the delivery of participatory approaches. 


The Youth Justice Board- commitment to Child First and the importance of participation as part of this approach, teamed with our continued commitment to develop and better understand how outcomes can be improved for children in the youth justice system, led to the formation of this project.

This project was split into three phases, the aim of the project was to;

  • complete an audit of participatory practice within youth justice services across England and Wales
  • complete an in-depth examination of participatory practice with a small number of youth justice services
  • gather and share examples of participatory practice and co-production with children who have lived experience


In 2021 Peer Power Youth worked in partnership with the Youth Justice Board for England and Wales on a project that aimed to explore co-creation and participation in the Youth Justice Services (YJS).

The products from this project include:

  • Research Findings
  • Portfolio of resources/ documents
  • Recommendations for youth justice services and the YJB, that were developed with Peer Power Experts (children) and the working group.

These recommendations are in response to analysis and a reflection of the findings from both the survey and the Deep Dive sessions and are covered in depth in each section.

The following resources were produced as a result of this project:
1. How to use this Resource Pack

2. Findings from the YJS Survey – This shows the results and key findings to help children and practitioners and Survey Results: Participation and Co-creation in the Youth Justice System Report – This shows the full survey results.

3. Young Reader Report ‘Co-creation and Participation in the Youth Justice System’- This is a summary of the longer report and can be used by children to learn about the project and for YJS to reflect upon their strengths in participation, co-creation and areas for improvement.

4. Report ‘Co-creation and Participation in the Youth Justice Sector’ – This longer report describes the journey Peer Power went on to co-create the project and share what they learnt to help YJS. There is a list of helpful links for YJS practitioners wanting to learn more about participation and co-creation including self-assessment tools.

5. Tips for Digital Inclusion – This aims to help YJS Practitioners to become more comfortable with engaging children in participation and co-creation digitally.

6. Voice and Influence Charter – Peer Power have created two resources to outline the five key principles to participation and co-creation that underpin good participatory practice. The Charter and Films below can be used together or separately.

7. The Pick and Mix of Participation – Helps the YJS to consider what method of participation they might pick for different types of activities.

8. Are You Really Co-creating – This resource explains to YJS practitioners and managers how they can use the Pick and Mix resource.

9. Directory of Participation and Directory of Incentives – gives more examples from the project findings of participation and co-creation that are happening across YJS.

10.  Peer Power Code of Ethics for Story Telling – Developed by Peer Power Experts, this resource sets out what they believe to be ethical storytelling 

11. Peer Power Co-Production film – This film explains what co-production and system change mean to children and practitioners working in the health and justice sector. It can be used to introduce participation and co-creation to practitioners and children. The film has been split into 5 bitesize chunks (a) rights and readiness (b) resources (c) strengths and positivity (d) power and inclusion (e) relate and respect


Partner organisation:Peer Power
Email: info@peerpower.org.uk