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Prevention and Diversion Assessment Tool

Summary: Guidance and templates relating to the new Prevention and Assessment Tool

Description: The Youth Justice board has introduced a new assessment tool which must be used for all cases that are subject to diversion and out-of-court intervention. The tool has been developed with consultation with a number of key partners, including front line practitioners, academics, HMIP and others. The use of the new assessment tool is optional for cases that are considered prevention.

In addition to the assessment tool, there are additional resources to assist services with the implementation of the tool, which includes; guidance notes and a Quality Assurance (QA) document. The use of the QA document is optional, but may be useful to staff as it includes prompts for the tool used within the template.

There is also a training programme that will be delivered regionally and Wales will be contacted directly about the training dates as they become released.

Prevention and Diversion Assessment Tool Guidance – These guidance notes have been developed to support the use of the Prevention and Diversion Assessment Tool and also supplemented with a training programme.

Prevention and Diversion Assessment Tool Template – Assessment tool template

Prevention and Diversion Assessment tool Quality Assurance – (Optional) Useful to staff as a prompt for the tool as they use the template.


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