Youth Justice Service Toolkits – Youth Justice Board (updated August 2022)


Overview of the key youth justice toolkits available through the youth justice application framework explosively for youth justice services in England and Wales.


There are a variety of toolkits that are available for youth justice services in England and Wales that are intended to support services to access and analyse own local data to support system improvement.

  • Serious Youth Violence (SYV) Toolkit – this toolkit provides data on serious youth violence offences and aims to assist analysis of said offences.
  • Youth Justice Services Data Summary (YDS) – this toolkit contains a range of data including reoffending, First Time Entrants and custodial sentences. This toolkit can support local data analysis and drive improvement.
  • Over-Represented Children: Updated Summary Ethnic Disparity Tool – The tool aims to assist local areas to analyse over-representation of different ethnic groups in the youth justice system in their local area.

The toolkits are only available to youth justice services in England and Wales via the Youth Justice Application Framework (YJAF). If you require support with access please contact the Youth Justice Board Information and Analysis Team.